Literary-Arts Journal Call for Submissions

I manage many projects in my free time, one of them being a small, online publication, Sediments Literary-Arts Journal. We’re currently looking for new work, so I would like to invite all of my art, poetry, and fiction bloggers to head on over to and send your best unpublished work.

Sediments is now accepting submissions for it’s second themed issue (the first themed issue, “Newbies,” will be published next month) and fifth issue over all entitled “A Haunting”:

How do you interpret “a haunting”? Don’t limit yourself to ghosts, zombies, monsters, and serial killers. Horror can equal a mental illness, an abusive relationship, a touchy-feely boss, the loss of a loved one (not necessarily death), and so much more! So scare us out of our wits and send us your hauntings! Submissions for “A Haunting” close on June 1st.

I’m really excited about getting this publication out there for the world to see—maybe one day even turning it into a print magazine if money allows—so spread the word, show your support, and submit!



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