A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

So I’ve been seeing these A to Z Challenge theme reveals all over my Reader today. Being fairly new to the blogging world (just over a year old), I was curious to know what this challenge was about. I visited the website, and boy, are there a lot of participants. I’m number 1181!

Joining the party, my theme for this year’s A to Z challenge will be my novel in process that I’ve been trying for the past year to get from my head and onto the page. The novel is titled “Love Poetry” (could change). It is about the troubling relationship between two people, Jessica and Whitmore, and asks the question that probably a lot of women wonder, but are afraid to ask: Is it love or is it abuse? OK, that is a very weak synopsis, but hopefully once I get into the rhythm of writing, I’ll be able to provide a better picture.

I’ve written a few posts on these characters before for other writing challenges (Breaking the Attachment, An Affair With Jazz, The Anchor to His Love, and I never did mind the little things . . .), so I don’t think it’ll be hard doing it for 26 days. The challenge would probably be the alphabet part. Still, after failing miserably at NaNoWriMo (~15,000 words) I think writing 26 short scenes in a month would be much easier than writing a full-blown, 50,000 word novel any time.

Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

      1. I hear you!! The fantastic community, other writers and bloggers I have met and built relationships with through blogging is so great for encouragement! 🙂


      1. You’ll be fine! Just remember that you can schedule posts ahead of time if you’re coming up on a busy day, and whatever you do, don’t give up! If you miss a letter, just keep on going. Have fun!

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