Poop Garden

Our neighbor’s yard is immaculate. I think that’s why he lets his dog poop behind our shed. We have nothing but dirt, weeds, and mushrooms.

He’s tried to get us kicked out twice—complaining to the Homeowners Association that we’re bringing down his property value. Now that his pampered poodle has its own personal bathroom, he’s eased up on his threats.

I can’t say I enjoy dodging shit every time I walk to the shed for yard tools, but it is saving us money on fertilizer. Last week, our dead backyard grew its first patch of grass in twenty years.

word count: 100


I know that is probably pinecones in the photo, but it looks like poop to me. Haha! 😀

This is part of Friday Fictioneers: write a short story in 100 words using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Click the froggy icon to read more stories and add your own!

© Erin Leary
© Erin Leary

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