Sunday Photo Fiction: Break-Up

She threw the ripped Steelers jacket, five pairs of $2oo Jordans, the PlayStation 3, two controllers, and all of the Call of Duty, Halo, and Madden video games into storage, not caring if the games popped from their cases, or if the game console cracked upon impact on the concrete, or if there were marks left on the shoes after being stuffed together in her tight truck on the way to their destination, or if the suede jacket was further ripped from her careless toss. She pulled the door to the storage locker shut and took her cellphone from her back pocket.

It went to voicemail after two rings. Seething into the phone, she said, “I’m sick of seeing your shit all over my house! It’s in storage. Oh, and you’re paying for it, asshole.” The fact that he’d ignored her call, infuriated her more. She made a snowball and threw it at the closed door.

Returning to her car, she noticed a sign across the street. Share An Idea.

“Never fuck a pot-selling high school dropout who secretly wants to fuck your baby sister,” she said in disgust. She got in the car and drove off, giving the storage locker the finger as she passed.

word count: 206


This is part of Sunday Photo Fiction: write a story in around 200 words using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Click the froggy icon to read other stories and add your own.

copyright – Joe Owens 2015

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