My Answer Starts With Yes

We took the ferry to Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks. James laid a towel over the warm sand and spread out our picnic feast—fried turkey breast, macaroni and cheese, buttery biscuits, coleslaw.

The seagulls circled over our heads. The wind gusts blew sand into our food so that we couldn’t enjoy it without grinding our teeth on tiny grains.

It was impossible to eat, so he took me to the water’s edge and lowered himself on one knee. Surprised, I stumbled backward and cut my heel on a sea urchin.

It was the clumsiest marriage proposal ever.

word count:99


Part of Friday Fictioneers: write a complete story in 100 words using the provided photo prompt. I had no idea what this week’s photo was. I guess Marie Gail Stratford wanted to challenge our imaginations. All I can say is that the spikes made me think of sea urchins.

 © Copyright Marie Gail Stratford
© Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

15 thoughts on “My Answer Starts With Yes

  1. You did a great job of taking me there… vivid description. My first thought when I read “spread out our picnic” was – Its too windy to picnic on Okracoke. 😛 I agree with Lisa (waitingforaname) that the last seven words could have told us something more. Love the title… makes me wonder what comes after.

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  2. As a fan of down-to-earth love stories, I adored this. On a constructive criticism note, you could have made better use of your last line. “It was the clumsiest marriage proposal ever” doesn’t communicate anything we don’t already know (because you did a great job showing us how clumsy it was). I’d rather have seen a continuation, maybe her trying to say “Yes” as he’s helping her balance on her good foot or something.

    But, really… I loved it! 🙂

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