Sunday Photo Fiction: A Dangerous Swim

The rip currents are strong today. A category 4 hurricane is currently bearing down on Bermuda, and we can feel it in the ocean just offshore at Cape Lookout, NC. It is almost dusk, but the water is still warm. My husband Derrick swims further out to sea, occasionally turning around to wave for me come along. His arms look like limp spaghetti noodles dangling in the air.

“Are you sure this is safe?” I call out to him. “The waves are getting bigger. I think the tide’s coming in.”

“C’mon, baby. Live a little!” He dips under the water just as a giant wave comes hurling his way.

I have just enough time to close my eyes and hold my breath before it slams into my face. The salt water splashes into my ears and nostrils, temporarily rendering me deaf and giving my nose a burning sensation. I open my mouth and breath a sigh of relief that the wave has not killed me when I feel a hand grab my ankle and drag me under. I flail my arms and legs, screaming in my head because I don’t want to open my lungs to the water. I am near unconsciousness when my free foot forcefully meets what feels like a face. The mysterious hand releases my ankle and I frantically swim upward, heaving in a deep breath of air the moment I break the surface.

I look around for Derrick. All I see is the ocean and the lighthouse.

word count: 251


This is part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story around 100-200 words using the provided photo as inspiration. I’m happy to be a part of the 100th photo!



5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Dangerous Swim

  1. I sure hope it wasn’t Derrrick trying to kill her. If it was, she better swim fast! I would rather think it is an evil spirit hanging out in the water or maybe a dead spirit drying to get her to save it from drowning. (Oh dear, there goes my imagination!) LOL!

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