Burnin’ Love

Every time he visits my apartment, he brings his space heater. He says I keep it too cold, he can’t take off his shoes. I want him to be comfortable, but must he remove his socks as well? A constant reminder I’m dating a man with toe claws.

“You’re using up my electricity with that thing.”

“Move in with me. You won’t have to worry about bills.”

Space heater fires are common in the winter. His plan is to engulf my apartment in flames. Force me to live with him. But my love is distant. I don’t aim for marriage.

Copyright Ted Strutz
Copyright Ted Strutz



Who knew writing a story in 100 words was this hard?! Phew. This story is part of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. My first go-round

14 thoughts on “Burnin’ Love

  1. Dear Nortina,

    Hey! David stole my line. 😉 Welcome to Friday Fictioneers I’m usually faster to get around but this week has been a busy one.

    As for cramming a story into a hundred words I’d say you did a good job. However I don’t think Mr. Toe Claws is a good fit for her. He should take his space heater and go home.

    Nicely done.



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  2. Nortina,
    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! You’re right that cramming a whole story into 100 words is hard, but it becomes addictive, let me tell you.
    In the story, it sounds like there’s a lot of red flags between them already. I don’t think they’d last a month in the same apartment.


  3. Welcome, Nortina. “Toe claws”… now that’s a strong visual! Made me cringe. You’re right, 100 is hard! Good first effort; look forward to more.

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