No Holds Barred Poetry Writting Challenge: Day 5

 I’m drawing a blank for today’s poem. I was thinking about using this guy I’ve been crushing on for the past several months as inspiration. By the way, isn’t that pretty pathetic? A grown woman having a crush on her co-worker like she’s still in middle school. Seriously, why can’t I just walk up to him and ask him out? Has my fear of rejection grown that much since age 12? But I digress . . .

I’ve never been that great at love poems. They always take an eerie turn by the end—almost Poe-like—but I’ll give this one a try. Oh, and speaking of middle school, when I was 12, I did write a poem about a boy I had a crush one. He was an eighth-grader (I’ve always had a thing for older men for some reason). Not only did I write this puppy love, love poem about a boy I had no chance with, I also included his FULL name within the poem, AND I posted it on! What was I thinking?! Anyway, don’t bother to look for the poem now. The moment I saw it (10 years later), I took it down. Talk about embarrassing.

Needless to say, I will not be including this particular crush’s name in this poem. But if he were to happen upon this post (we are Facebook friends; I could conveniently share it when he’s online), I really hope it inspires him to ask me out. Here’s to middle school hoping.

You make my legs weak
my palms sweat
my feet tingle
my nipples harden at night
when I lay in bed
dreaming of you—
these are the clichés you search
for to describe a crush
first love.
I feel none of these things—
only you
and the indescribable desire
to be near you.
Tell me how I should feel—
snatch me up in your arms
thrust me into your love poem
discard the clichés
show me the reality of passion
how it relates to pain
take control of my heart—
sweet nothings don’t affect me—
squeeze my heart in your fist
whisper commands
how should I love
where should I touch
Don’t just kiss me
take my lips in your mouth
suck them blue.
Give me a reason to
succumb to you.


Eh, like I said, I’m not really a love poet, but I guess this one will grow on me. By the way, this post is also part of JusJoJan. Check out more January jots here.

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