JusJoJan 22: Writing Sex


As I sit here and brainstorm what sexy post I can jot down for LindaGHill’s JusJoJan today, I’ve come to a realization. I’ve written a lot of posts that are either about or indirectly related to sex.

( If you’re interested in reading some of them, here they are:

Air Mattress


Coat Hanger

Black Jesus


These are all creative fiction pieces, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! 😉 )

This revelation made me wonder: is my writer’s aesthetic sex? I would hope not. I would like to say that my writing is diverse, that it cover an array of topics, including but not exclusive to sex. But as Shan Jeniah said in her JusJoJan post, our primitive sex drive is at the root of all that we are. Everything ever done, including art, was done for the sake of sex. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I write about sex a little too often than I should. It’s all a part of our natural, animalistic instincts, right? As long as there’s a pretty awesome story behind it, who cares if there’s a little raunchiness?

Who ever said that sex in books was awkward anyway? If that were true, erotica wouldn’t be such a booming business. Readers loved it so much, Fifty Shades of Grey  (a book I still haven’t read) was made into a movie (which I will more than likely watch before I read the book because that seems to be the habit as of late). Sex sells, people, and although I’d rather you love my plotlines and the characters I create, it’s ok for you to enjoy the subtle sexiness of it too. Come on, you know you want to.

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One thought on “JusJoJan 22: Writing Sex

  1. Sex is intertwined with life – it’s how the vast majority of us get here, and how we create our own progeny…

    And it’s so very much more…I used to feel guilty about writing erotica, or weaving sensual or sexual elements into my writing. But they are definitely woven through all the threads of my life (my Accomplice would be very unhappy, if they weren’t, and so would I!).

    Maybe the best way that we, as writers, can demystify sex and reduce the taboos around it, is to write about it with honesty and bravery.

    I’ll be back to read more here! =)

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