Writer’s Block Is a B….

I’m sure all of you are wondering why you haven’t seen a new creative piece from me in months (over three months if we’re talking about poetry). It’s quite simple, actually . . .


And not just any writer’s block, but a fatally chronic writer’s block (is that a good diagnosis?). The sad think about it is that this particular writer’s block only seems to be affecting my creative side. I can still mange to force a well-written blog post onto the page (by the way, for all you fashionistas, & natural hair lovers, check out my articles on 4cHairChick here and here), but the moment I sit down to write a story, all that emerges is gibberish that looks like it’s written by a five-year-old! What’s worse is that I’ve had several good story plotlines floating around in my head for months! Why can’t I write them down. At least with poetry I have a reason for my writer’s block: NOTHING. Not a single idea for a poem has come to mind in months! Maybe I should get my Taylor Swift on & date someone for a couple months & have our messy breakup inspire a fiery poem.

I am working diligently to overcome this latest spell of writer’s block. I’ve been reading lots of literary magazines (because I’m sure their rejection of my work is what has caused this), and I also plan to read Gone Girl  this weekend, so nobody tell me about the movie!

By the way, as far as NaNoWriMo goes, you can guess that I failed yet again. At least I got the first chapter written. I’ll post that soon so you’ll have something to read from me this month, and who knows, November isn’t over yet. Maybe I’ll finish with a 20,000 or 30,000 word novella that will cure my chronic writer’s block.

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