Rose Petals

Today was rough and work sucked, so I wrote this poem.

Rose Petals
Plucking petals from roses,
Chanting he loves me,
She loves me.
What will be your answer
When you get to that last
Withered, violet petal,
Discolored from the lack of sun and fresh water?

Would you forget the beautiful gifts,
All day shopping trips,
Long nights wrapped in each other’s arms,
No sex needed to be intimate,
The spontaneous road trips to rescue yourselves
From the blows of an abusive life,
The romantic photo shoots in botanical gardens,
And poems on finding heaven’s angel
Just because a dead flower told you
She never loved you?
That he was just using you?

Goodbye is such a difficult word to utter.
We settle for phrases like
See you around,
I wish you all the best,
I hope you find happiness,
All while choking back tears
Because you know you’ll never see her again,
You gave him the best of you,
All you wanted was to bring her happiness.

It hurts to admit that all things do come to an end,
And although your prayers that love would never run its course,
That the flame would never fizzle out,
Were never answered.
Don’t let a plant you just killed
Kill the joy you once shared with him
And tell you that you never finished the race to her heart.


This song by Amina Buddafly is how I feel right now. “I’ve Been Loved” from I Am Part 1.


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