Losing My Beach

I wrote this poem in high school about a boyfriend everyone loved to hate. He was toxic, but he was my beach, a place where I could relax and forget about the worries of this world. Sometimes I would just call him and say, “Come get me! Let’s run away!” That relationship ended, and I learned the hard to never make a man my home (this concept is explored in another poem that I might share with you if you ask nicely 😉 ). Who is my beach now? J-E-S-U-S. Anyway, here’s some throwback poetry for ya!

Losing My Beach
I used to love going to the beach.
Walking to the ocean under the hot, summer sun,
Hopping on the scorching sand; though it burns, you’re having fun.
Jumping into the refreshing, cleansing ocean,
Tasting the salt in your mouth.
Oh how I wish I could go there because I need to find a way out.
Out of this place I’m stuck in,
Trapped with nowhere to go.
It’s just too unbearable to sit here and know
That the beach is so near, so close to my grasp.
Once I get it, I’m never letting go, I’ll never let it pass.
Because I love the beach. It’s my haven, a place that makes me so happy.
But whenever I get close enough to reach it,
My haven is pulled away and that always upsets me.
And so I’m trapped, trapped in the winds of a hurricane that is pulling me inland, away from my beach.
And as my beach becomes free
From this storm that carries me,
Someone else will get to enjoy the bright sun, hot sand, and cleansing water
Of the place I’ve always wanted to be.

Photo: Folly Beach, my dad's favorite beach to come and think.(Photo: Folly Beach, SC. My dad’s favorite beach to come and think.)


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