A Poem For Father’s Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Honor your father by dating a man just like him! 😉 . . . It’s not creepy . . . is it?

Daddy’s Girl

It’s odd to fall in love with someone olddaddy's girl
Enough to be my dad. Who reminds me
Of the days when I was young, writing tales
With him of complex people not unlike
Ourselves, who thrive in solitude, but yearn
For love. It’s strange to fantasize life with
A man who strums a nightly melody
On the strings of his guitar, just like dad.
Who kisses me at the ballad’s end with
Lips pressed against closed eyes, seeping into
Dreams of future music, future stories,
Future life. Young girls secretly lust for
Their fathers. So, would it be a stretch to want
A husband who could kiss me like my dad?



*On a side not, this poem was written in blank verse (unrhymed  iambic pentameter) and is probably the only poem you’ll see from me in a traditional poetic form.*


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