Sunday Morning Word: “Cross Examination” by jo-EL

♫ “I’ll never know how much it costs to see my sins upon that cross . . .” ♫

—Israel and New Breed “Here I Am To Worship” 

 Today is Resurrection Sunday, the day when churches see their highest attendance. However, let’s forget about the pretty, pastel colored dresses, the Easter egg hunts, and the chocolate bunnies, and remember why this day is so important. Don’t forget that the devil is the god of this world, and his purpose here is to confuse us, which is why movies like “The Ten Commandments” get played on TV today instead of movies like “The Passion of the Christ,” why a show about witches premieres today, why there are more posts on Facebook and Twitter about how Easter was originally a pagan holiday about sex and fertility than there are about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, why some churches spend more time planning an Easter egg hunt after service than they do giving an alter call.

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins, and on the third day, He rose from the grave, so that anyone who believes in Him will have eternal life. When you see that cross on the steeple, or behind the pulpit, or around fellow church-goer’s neck, remember it’s significance, remember that it could’ve been you if it wasn’t for the blood of the precious Lamb of God. Thank your Lord and Savoir for His sacrifice this Sunday Morning.


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