Mary Revisited

Good morning! I have returned from yet another hectic week, and I am in serious need of a ladies night with my girl, Mary . . .  joking! Anyway, here’s that second version to my “Mary” poem I promised you. This one is a little more literal and I lot less “lesbian love affair” sounding, if that makes sense.


Mary Part II

We sit in a circle.
She emerges at the center,
Swaying her hips,
Lifting her arms above her head
To expose a long, thin figure.
Her complexion glows
Under the illumination of the chandelier.
She winks at me,
Beckons me to kiss her
With the draw of a finger.
I float into her hovering embrace,
Inhale her electric air deep into my lungs,
Ignite a fire that consumes.
She releases me from her kiss,
Leaving my lips sizzling from her blaze.
I gasp to catch my breath,
Drift back to the couch,
I blink.
Eyes sharpen.
I begin to trace the edges of her body,
Rapt in every inch
Until she evaporates into the next mouth.
Jealously overwhelms.
I can only think of tasting
The sparkling embers beneath her skin again.
When she reemerges into the center of the circle,
I rise,
This time,
Drawing her to my lips.


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