Not doing what you are told can lead to grave consequences.
Jeanine didn’t listen.
Neither did Stacy, Anna, or Candace.
Don’t think that just because we don’t wear bands,
You have a chance
Because although he may not be my husband,
He damn sure is my man
And I don’t appreciate your eyes looking him up and down again
Like all you can think of is him sliding in between your legs
And that y’all will ascend into heaven in an ecstasy of affection.
It doesn’t work that way sweetheart.

Ever wonder why women who try to flirt with him suddenly disappear?
Well there’s something about me that you should definitely fear,
Because I don’t take too kindly to threats my dear.
How did you threaten me?
You ask me that as you send him numerous texts and emails of how you could be,
And then you strategically bend over in front of him so that he can see
The ass you don’t have,
And I stand there patiently
Planning in my head of how easily it will be for me
To take you out.

Just like Jeanine,
Who tried to do the same thing,
And I left her skinny ass swinging from the branch of a willow tree.
And Stacy just knew she was the one
Meanwhile I was the one holding the gun
And just before she could figure my irrational behavior,
I pulled that trigger.
Anna, the cheerleader without a brain
Drove me completely insane
Thinking it was OK to shove her perky tits in my man’s face
And I just couldn’t resist
Picking up the closest brick
And cracking her skull with every single hit
And hit and hit
Until she was nothing but a bloody corpse left lying in a ditch.
Candace made the mistake
Of texting him to meet her at the lake
For a skinny dipping date
And on that foggy night in September,
She couldn’t see clear
Who it was standing at the end of that pier
But it was my hands that turned a cold, pale blue
As they dunked the pretty little shrew
Underneath the icy water
And killed her trifling ass too.

You may call me crazy with your judging eyes,
But any other woman in my position knew those bitches had to die.
So listen closely because I’m only going to tell you this one time,
If you ever step out of line
And come after what is undoubtedly mine,
You will face the consequences
And end up like Jeanine, Stacy, Anna and Candace.


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