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Even fairytale love stories begin with a curse.

In our journey to happily ever after, we sometimes face bumps in the road—our curse, whether it be betrayal, deceit, loneliness, distance, denial, loss, sacrifice, etc. Sometimes, we never get to happily ever after. And sometimes, we settle for happy for right now, until better comes. These are the “fairytale” love stories we make in the real world and the “lovely curses” I want to share with you.

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Morning Inspiration: Writing Prompt No. 7

Good morning! Rise and shine! May I borrow a minute of your time for some quick inspiration?

I’m all out of ideas. It’s been one of those weeks. An endless parade of bad news, sad stories, and anxiety-inducing updates regarding the pandemic.

But at least my Cowboys won last night. And at least today is Friday. So I think I’ll splurge…

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Hi! I’m Nortina! I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. I can also be dreadfully pessimistic. Quite the conundrum! So when it comes to writing love stories, I tend to drift from the butterflies in the stomach and dive right into the raw, gritty details we leave out, the characteristics of love that aren’t as sweet, that are a little more “cursed,” but that are craved just the same. Read more

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I have a book’s (maybe even multiple books’) worth of content on this blog, and yet, I’ve never actually published my first book. It only took a pandemic and 22 months of sitting at home doing absolutely nothing for me to realize the problem was me. That’s where you come in. I need accountability partners. Sure, family and friends nagging me about when I’m going to publish my book is nice, but complete strangers giving me their hard-earned cash, high as gas is?? I can’t disappoint them! So here’s my offer. For just $5/month, you’ll get exclusive updates on current works in progress, snippets of stories and poems you won’t see on the blog, and even invites to be a beta reader—the first to see the “almost” published work and play a part in finishing the masterpiece! Are you interested?