About Lovely Curses

Princess Aurora was put under a sleeping spell. Snow White was chased through the forest by a huntsman hired to cut out her heart and deliver it to an evil queen. Cinderella was so lonely she befriended the mice in her own little corner. Ariel lost her voice. Tiana had to kiss a frog . . . and then turn into one . . .

Even fairytale love stories begin with a curse.

Why should real life be any different?

In our journey to happily ever after, we sometimes face bumps in the road—our curse, whether it be betrayal, deceit, loneliness, distance, denial, loss, sacrifice, etc. Sometimes, we never get to happily ever after. And sometimes, we settle for happy for right now, until better comes.

These are the “fairytale” love stories we make in the real world and the “lovely curses” I want to share with you. Are you willing to read along?

~Nortina S.

Photo by Juliana Arruda