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Even fairytale love stories begin with a curse.

In our journey to happily ever after, we sometimes face bumps in the road—our curse, whether it be betrayal, deceit, loneliness, distance, denial, loss, sacrifice, etc. Sometimes, we never get to happily ever after. And sometimes, we settle for happy for right now, until better comes. These are the “fairytale” love stories we make in the real world and the “lovely curses” I want to share with you.

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February Is Black Poetry Writing Month!

We want a black poem. And aBlack World.Let the world be a Black PoemAnd Let All Black People Speak This PoemSilentlyor LOUD From “Black Art” by Amiri Baraka February is probably one of my favorite months on the calendar, and it’s not because it’s the most underappreciated month of the year due to its 28 days (29 … Continue reading February Is Black Poetry Writing Month!

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Hi! I’m Nortina! I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. I can also be dreadfully pessimistic. Quite the conundrum! So when it comes to writing love stories, I tend to drift from the butterflies in the stomach and dive right into the raw, gritty details we leave out, the characteristics of love that aren’t as sweet, that are a little more “cursed,” but that are craved just the same. Read more

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